3% Fee: Better Hires.

Our mission is to revolutionize recruitment by driving fees down to 0%. Right now, we're offering fast, expert placements in Design & Engineering roles payable only upon successful hire.

ATS Integration
Connects with 10+ ATS platforms.
Sync shortlisted candidates
Pass Scorecard information
Matching evaluated by AI
Reduce bias; leverage AI evaluation for an unbiassed assessment
AI-powered matching for enhanced precision
Use over 900 candidate signals to find the right match
5 top interested candidates per week
We offer a new pricing model with zero markup that offers a refreshing change to hiring.
No Long-Term Commitments
Zero markup on candidates
Adjust your spending and activate or deactivate applications based on real-time needs
All needles, no haystacks.
See how it works
Obodo keeps the human element to hiring which is important.
Leading EDJE
People Solutions Specialist
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